OverTheWire: Bandit Level 10 to Level 11


Level goal: The password for the next level is stored in the file data.txt, which contains base64 encoded data

This level basically introduce us to base64 encoding, one of the most commonly used method to encode data in the wild, however, it is easily recognized and decoded due to all the tools available online. I have covered a few write up other CTF games that uses base64 encoding as well, such as the InfoSec CTF.

Since the server itself is running on a Linux distribution and all Unix operating systems has inbuilt support for the base64 command, we are easily perform a base64 decode directly.

bandit10@melinda:~$ base64 -d data.txt
The password is IFukwKGsFW8MOq3IRFqrxE1hxTNEbUPR

The password to gain access to the next level is IFukwKGsFW8MOq3IRFqrxE1hxTNEbUPR.


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